NSCRO Men’s 15s All-Star Rugby Championship 2018

NSCRO Men’s 15s All-Star Rugby Championship 2018

The National Small College Rugby Organization (NSCRO) has partnered with the newly-formed Major League Rugby club, the Austin Elite, to introduce a new NSCRO Men’s 15s All-Star Rugby Championship 2018.  The event will be held on June 22-24, 2018, at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex. This weekend will also feature the Austin Elite in a Major League Rugby match.

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This National All-Star competition will feature men’s teams from across America representing each of NSCRO’s four regions (the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic South, the Central, and the PacWest).  The inaugural tournament will be comprised of 4 to 8 teams.

The Men’s 15s All-Star Championship comes on the heels of the highly successful NSCRO/Penn Mutual Women’s 7s Select Side program as well as the newly formed Women’s 7s All-Star Championship—all of which are part of the many programs offered by NSCRO with the goal of providing all our student-athletes and their coaches the opportunity to participate and compete against the very best in NSCRO.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for NSCRO players and coaches that have put in the hours and dedicated themselves to their craft and shine on a national stage,” said Jeremy Treece, NSCRO Director of Rugby Development.

NSCRO President, Steve Cohen, a long-time supporter of collegiate all-star rugby, is excited to bring back this much needed experience to small college rugby. Cohen added that “it has been missing for too long and is a key factor in inspiring college players to keep rugby as part of their life after graduation.”

Each region is comprised of two sub-regions made up of 15+ men’s collegiate programs.  Each sub-region will be required to submit an application outlining their plan for the creation of a regional All-Star team. Teams must meet a minimal standard to be selected for this great opportunity. All applications should include player selection guidelines and must have an unbiased player selection process, thoughtful coaching staff creation, and comprehensive tour budgets.

Each region consists of the following Conferences/Unions:

Region 1 – Northeast
New England – NERFU and Colonial Coast CRC
New York – Tri-State and Upstate Small CRCs

Region 2 – Mid-Atlantic South
Mid-Atlantic – Cardinals, Southern, Potomac and Mid-Atlantic CRCs
South – Deep South and Dixie CRCs, Florida and Georgia RFUs

Region 3 – Central
Central East – Three Rivers and Great Lakes CRC
Center West – CARFU, Midwest CRC, Wisconsin and Minnesota RFUs

Region – PacWest
West – LoneStar CRC and Rocky Mountain RFU
Pacific Coast – Northwest, Gold Coast and NorCal CRCs

For more information about this event or details on the application process, please contact Jeremy Treece at development@nscro.org.

NSCRO Men's 15s All-Star Rugby Championship 2018

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